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Before getting into the topic let us understand what SEO is. If we break down the word SEO it means search engine optimization. This is a process of optimizing a website so that people can search in by typing the name of the website in a search engine like Google. Online contents found in search engine which lives on the internet and which can be consumed on the internet are basically the briefing of SEO content.

Many people work as a content writer to create blogs and SEO content for certain websites. In India, many SEO services prevailed like SEO service in Chandigarh. In the sea of information on the internet, if one wants to make their content stand out and different from others, certain tricks along with effort can work out.

To make friendly and attractive SEO content online certain points should be kept in mind to make the content friendly. Solet’shave a look what are the cool tricks to make good and friendly SEO content on the internet.

The length of the article

SEO contents should be minimum 300-500 words to maximum 400-800 words. Google prefers content which is long and descriptive but remembers readers will get easily bored if the content is too lengthy.

So always try to format the length of your SEO content along with putting 1-2% of keywords. At least 5-10 keywords should be used in the content. Formatting the content depends upon the topic. Too much information can affect the interest of the readers and thus try to cap the information in the content as much as needed.

Using headlines and subheadlines

People love to read content when if offers breathing space in the content. Long and lengthy paragraph with no or fewer headlines and sub-headline loses readers. Thus framing the content with the proper headline and subheads helps the reader to read the content easily and without mistakes.

Moreover, sub headlines support the content and attract the readers 5to read the information carefully. Giving proper headlines and subheadings also create an impression of skimming of the content. Adding to that the keywords often enhance the saturation of the text.

Choosing the right keyword

Many SEO services in India like SEO in Chandigarh, prefer using suitable and attractive keywords for their content. As we discussed before the proper keyword in proper places in the content enhances the beauty of the text and attracts the reader to read the content. Keywords need to be discussed and planned before starting off with the can be used in headlines, introduction, title, and main texts.

Quality matters more than quantity

Before writing any content always remember why people would read your content? What extra information can you convey on a concept through your content that no other websites can offer? Quality writing is everything you need to sale your content in the internet market. Proper information along with researched contents enhances the quality of any content.


Along with the basic tricks, some other concepts like making the content shareable with the surrounding, optimizing the content with images and adding previous content links also helps to make online content more beautiful and attractive for the readers.

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