Health and Fitness Businesses Partnership Program

See why more health and fitness businesses are integrating business text messaging to streamline sales and service!!

Lead generation and lead management are vital to business development and growth, and it’s also where sales and marketing efforts come together. Nowadays, gyms can no longer buy the attention of customers. It has to be earned. It might also be someone who wants to buy a monthly membership. Or a yearly membership. Or a bodybuilder looking to prep for their next competition. Or a mum looking to get back into shape after baby

Gym Lead Generation Mediums

We know what a good lead looks like, it’s time to put all facility in the digital space where leads are spending their time and start talking about the right things. Here are some of the most effective channels that marketers say their leads come from:

There’s no better way to get hot, engaged, and ready-to-commit leads into funnel than getting existing customers to convert them. A referral program can incentivize both parties, making one more loyal and the other more incentivized to take action. From here, users can send invites directly to friends and family via SMS or WhatsApp

Social Media Strategy

Social media might not be a great lead generation source for many B2B, B2C brands, but it’s a fantastic source of leads for your gym or fitness facility, owing to the visual nature of the networks.

  • That social proof can come in the form of a review of your services, Yelp reviews of your gym, or a review from a well-known fitness influencer, but you might not know that these reviews are just one of many overlooked gym lead generation ideas.
  • Lead-generating content should solve the pain points that you know your existing customers have. When based on good keyword research and a healthy SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy, that content should also attract readers that don’t know your brand.