Education Job Consultant Businesses Partnership Program

See why more Education job Consultant Businesses are integrating business text messaging to streamline sales and service!

We deliver the right message, with the right content, in the right channel, at the right time to help you enjoy increased revenue at a low cost per sale. The Job Consultancy Business is the fastest growing industry needs good branding and promotional services regularly. Promotional SMS marketing works at its best from engaging the customers to capturing the target market. Not only is it one of the most efficient marketing methods available, but our SMS services are economical too. So, if you are an established business or a startup you must use Promotional SMS marketing to enhance the customer retention ratio and brand visibility.

Feedback survey

Bulk SMS can be easily used to get customer feedback about the company and the product a particular also. It will help you to make the decision about the new product launch, penetration of the product and can come up with strategies to increase the market share.

Event Notification

There are many events organized on the Education such as EDU-EXPO, product launch events, education admission scholarships, Job Recruitment etc. So, the company should invite its loyal customers to such events which will increase the customer interaction with the company and also help in targeting new and subscribed customers. If the company focuses on customer satisfaction then, customers will make business for them.

These events are a huge opportunity for the company to target new customers and spreading word of mouth about the brand. We can easily share the event details using Bulk SMS and can confirm their arrival through SMS as well. Promotional SMS marketing is one of the trending marketing tools used by the companies and It has 70% conversion rates.