Lifestyle & Textile Businesses Partnership Program

See why more Lifestyle businesses & Textile businesses are integrating business text messaging to streamline sales and service!!

The relationship between a brand and its third-party sellers is a vital one: Distributors, retailers, dealerships, and e-commerce platforms are the faces that greet consumers. They bridge the gap between creator and customer, and in that privileged role, they become the conduits for a brand’s values, features, and aesthetics.

Join the conversation with the end customer.

Be a good partner to distributors by taking part in the brand dialogue with the customer. Don’t leave them to do all the work in servicing and storytelling. Continue to communicate in a personalized nature through relevant content to keep customers connected and loyal.
Sharing responsibility for customer communication will increase trust and familiarity between you and your partners. It will ensure you’re presenting a united front to the end customer, which will in turn make products sing on the shelves.

Measure satisfaction at the product and distributor level.

Strengthen the connection between all vital players in your selling network by giving them ample opportunity

Part of having good communication is being able to detect when people are dissatisfied. Put tools in place to measure satisfaction — not just of the customer, but of partners and third parties, too.
Set benchmarks together with distributors so you can see when problems arise, then set up regular evaluations so negative experiences (and positive) can be reported in a timely and helpful way.